At The Law Office of John King, we have spent over three decades developing our civil litigation practice. During this time, our civil trial litigation attorneys have honed their skills in a wide variety of civil suits covering an array of issues in both personal injury and business law. We have enjoyed a track record of success in a number of specific areas, including:

  • Management, Partnership, and Contract Disputes
  • Business Torts
  • Personal Injury and Tort Litigation

Our legal professionals maintain their specialist status through extensive research and ongoing training in all aspects of civil trial litigation. You can be certain that we can bring cutting-edge legal theories and techniques to the table when formulating a strategy to achieve your goals. Our extensive experience has also enabled us to build a comprehensive list of investigators, expert witnesses, and trial consultants that can provide precise and efficient solutions to your legal problems.

Over the years, we have also developed working relationships with numerous local businesses, government agencies, and state officials. We have always depended on our reputation to be our only form of advertising, and we can turn this to your advantage if you need legal representation during negotiation, mediation, or alternative dispute resolution procedures. Often, it is possible to address legal difficulties before they explode into full-blown litigation, saving everyone concerned time, effort, and money.

At The Law Office of John King, we are ready to meet the highest standards of civil trial litigation. For more information about how to retain our services, contact our McAllen, Texas, office today. You can leave a message at any time by calling 956-687-6294, or by providing your information through our contact us page.