The successful completion of a real estate transaction can be the basis for your future financial success. Buying your first home is a first step in building a truly secure future for your family. The initial stages of every commercial development project revolve around securing the appropriate site. Furthermore, defending your investment from legal attacks such as foreclosure is crucial to maintaining the value of your property. Our Texas real estate attorneys at The Law Office of John King have specialized in a broad variety of real estate practice areas, including commercial, residential, and farm and ranch law. We can help you ensure that your real estate transfer concludes smoothly and efficiently, and that the documents involved can withstand legal attack over the course of your ownership.

Pictured Above: Lilia Arevalo
Real Estate Department Manager and Legal Assistant

Our specialists have personal experience with many aspects of real estate transactions, and this expertise is added to our ongoing program of continuing legal education. By maintaining a current understanding of practical, modern real estate law, we are able to prepare mortgages, deeds, residential or business leases, and other documents that can withstand judicial scrutiny in subsequent litigation. Our more than three decades of experience has established our lawyer's reputations among the Texas real estate community, so other parties can be sure that our clients understand their obligations and can bargain openly and honestly.

If you need professional assistance with any aspect of real estate law, whether commercial, residential, or agricultural property is concerned, you can get personal attention from an experienced Texas real estate attorney by contacting The Law Office of John King in McAllen, Texas. You can find out more about what our firm has the offer by calling 956-687-6294, or by sending a request for information to us via e-mail using our contact us page.